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Derek Pedro
Cannabis Consultant 

DONNY L. - Burlington, Ontario, Canada
I was assisting my friend Donny L. seek some sort of relief from his severe cancer pain. He was experiencing many debilitating side effects from the pain medication his doctors had prescribed. Constipation, stomach cramps/pains, weight-loss, disorientation and nausea. He found that all of the opiate based pills were having less and less pain reduction and only kept him out-of-it while medicated. Finally one of his doctors or nurses mentioned marijuana as possible substitute for the pain meds. He knew he had to reduce the meds. And he knew he had only months to live... 
Of course we both knew of where to acquire pot, but it is expensive and he was on a disability pension by then. After searching the web to understand the legality, application process etc... we found Alison and through her you!

You were kind to meet with us, walk us through the application process and provided him 'medication' at an affordable price. Within 2 weeks he gained weight, was much more alert and reported a huge reduction in the use of his oxcy-meds and the side effects! More importantly he resumed many of the social activities such as cards, fantasy sports, 'going out' and enjoying life. And, he didn't use the pot compulsively or around the clock. He cooked with it and made tea.

Do to your kind help he lived his last few months in relative peace and enjoyed his last days here on Earth.

Many thanks, 

Don D. 
ROBERT LING - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 
From the doctors signing my MMAR papers and onwards, Derek Pedro has
been consistent in supplying medical grade cannabis at 30 dollars an
ounce. I would recommend him to any other Canadian who suffered from
an illness to which marijuana is beneficial. 

Not only does he supply your needed grams per day but he takes the time to show that he cares supplying free edibles from the shake of your plants. (This is great as most other growers will just throw out this vital source of THC and cannabinoids) The price cannot be beat nor can Derek Pedro's
personality and character. 

Not only does he provide medical grade marijuana but he does so with a smile, like the compassionate centers but with a much more compassionate price. 

Robert Ling 
McMaster University Student (finishing a BA in History)
unofficial President of the McMaster Canadian Students for Sensible
Drug Policy (CSSDP)
K.P. - Ajax, Ontario, Canada 
Since a workplace injury in 2006, I have been medicated with various combinations of pain killers to manage severe and continuous back pain. In 2008, my medical doctor considered medical marijuana as a means to lessen the amount of prescription pain medication and attempt to increase quality and enjoyment of life. 

Subsequently, I was registered and approved for medical marijuana. At first, I purchased from Health Canada but soon started searching for a more affordable supply with reliable quality. 

An internet search along with the recommendation of a friend, I located Derek Pedro at I have since signed on as a client with Derek and we are now in a partnership with Derek participating as my grower. 

Derek Pedro has provided quality customer service, honest accounting, reliable pricing, quality products and promoted a positive customer relationship. I am pleased to recommend Derek Pedro as “your” designated grower.

Ajax, Ontario, Canada
Bill G., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I met Derek Pedro in May 2010 through another person whom I had met on Facebook, Alison Myrden (Retired Law Enforcement Officer/Federal Medical Marijuana Exemptee in Canada). 

I had just sent in my application to Health Canada and Alison mentioned that she has a new designated grower, Derek Pedro and says I should look into him and his 'Co-Op'. So, I messaged him on Facebook "What can you do for me?". 

Derek got back to me in a few days. Being the busy guy he is, he explained how things worked and right away sent me two ounces of medical cannabis. No 'Inperson meet' - just 'Here you go' - delivered by a reputable service. 

The next week, I was invited to meet him at his home. He gave me more information on how things will go, as I had just started the Health Canada journey. He was most likely thinking four months or more of "Mr. Nice Guy" and so far it has been nearly eight months and he continues to put up with my needs, supplying me with top quality bud. 

Since starting what I call "The Derek Pedro Program", I have been more active and able to do more as long as I am getting this top quality, organic medicine. I have not been receiving my full amount of medical cannabis as of today, due to not having my completed MMAR license. I can only smile thinking by next year - my new MMAR license should be here, my medicine will be full time and I should be able to get out and have a good summer of fun and not just sit in pain 24/7.

I thank Derek for being able to take the stress of all he has to do to help me and the 15 others he helps and the work he does to get laws passed to help medical cannabis users have easier access to obtain and secure the medicine we need …

Bill G

Submitted - December 23, 2010

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