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Government Studies
For over a century governments from around the world have been publishing studies regarding the safety of marijuana, its effect on society, and concerns over policies and how it should be regulated. Here are links to 9 major government and scientific studies that have been conducted since 1894:

Indian Hemp Drugs Commission Report (India, 1894)

Panama Canal Zone Military Investigations (US Military, 1916-29)

The LaGuardia Committee Report (US, 1944)

Advisory Committee on Drug Dependence, Cannabis, (England, 1968, The Wootton Report)

The Le Dain Report (Canada, 1970)

Cannabis Control Policy: A Discussion Paper (Canada, 1979, Health Protection Branch Department of National Health and Welfare)

An Analysis of Marijuana Policy (US, 1982)

DEA Docket No. 86-22, (US, 1988, DEA Chief Administrative Law Judge ruling on medical marijuana)

Legislative Options for Cannabis. (Australia, 1994)
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