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Facility takes pride in the cleanliness and organization of our facilities. By using both greenhouse and warehouse space we can ensure that you get the highest quality Cannabis possible whether it be utilizing the natural light from the sun, aeroponics systems, or standard dirt/pot method.
All of our procedures call for organic measures. From fertilizers to pest control you can be ensured supplies their growers with high quality, eco-friendly products.

Availability of strains depend on the demand, but here are’s most popular strains that they supply: 
Blue OG Shishkaberry Narpal 
God Kush G-13 Bubba Kush
Super Lemon Haze Wine Gums
Jilly Bean Super Sour
Headband Amnesia Haze Purple Diesel
Juicy Fruit Church Sugar Mountain

We are constantly experimenting with new strains and will try to update our list accordingly.

Health Canada Forums

How To Apply - Applicants Forms 

You are recommended to read the Quick Guide and Information for Patients documents first and then download the forms that are pertinent to the type of access that you are requesting.  You will need to fill out the appropriate applications for Authorization to Possess, Licences to Produce and for supply.

Get all the forms here for Marijuana Information for Patients
(From Health Canada's Website)



Doctor's Sample Letter
If Health Canada is challenging the dose you are applying for, here is a sample letter your 
doctor could use to send with your application or renewal. Hope this helps some of you.
This letter could help avoid any suggestion by HC that it needs to contact your doctor to 
"verify" dosages or to be on guard against "typos" in the daily dosage amounts. 
(for PDF version Click here



General Practitioner's Release Form
General Practitioner's Release form for patients to print out and give to their doctor. 

It allows the doctor to void themselves from any future repercussions
they think may come from using marijuana. is pleased to announce the re-opening of Synergy Medicine
Dr. Price will be holding a weekly clinic in Hamilton, Ontario to assess patients
who feel they will benefit from medical Cannabis.

For more information please call Brenda at 1-855-800-2226



We are currently not set up as a distributor of marijuana seeds but feel free to inquire.

MMAR has been helping medical patients get the medication for years now. As you can imagine this help to obtain safe quality medication makes a big difference in the patients quality of life. Check out our Testimonials Page to see what people are saying about the services of MMAR. operates to lend a helping hand to patients in need!

To find out more about how we can help read the testimonials submitted by very satisfied patients.

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  is pleased to announce the re-opening of Synergy Medicine. Dr. Price will be holding a weekly clinic in Hamilton, Ontario to assess patients who feel they will benefit from medical Cannabis.
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"Derek Pedro has provided quality customer service, honest accounting, reliable pricing, quality products and promoted a positive customer relationship. I am pleased to recommend Derek Pedro as “your” designated grower."
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